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Originally Posted by RacnJsn95 View Post
I swear if they have material wrapped door panels, and a soft dash pad I will be PISSED... That's my one HUGE gripe about the Camaro, cheap plastic interior!

But if it's all plastic again, and cheap, I'll be ok with that

It would be nice if this new 2012 interior would be easy to swap into a 2010 if its good stuff
Rest assured you will be pissed. Thats exactly what will change. At least the dash part and probably the center console. I don't expect a major style change so much as a materials change and an adjustment in looks to show a change also the wheel will be changed. The side panels will probably stay. It's really stupid to be honest. I see nothing wrong with the current quality. The fit and finish is great. People are just bitching about plastics being hard. Wooooo. Hard plastic. Come on. How often does anyone grope their dash anyway.

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