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Originally Posted by Eich View Post
I've been really hoping they'd do something with the interior. It's the only disappointing thing about this otherwise, amazing looking car.

We own an Audi and a Mercedes and while I'm happy to hear that GM's goal is Audi-quality, it doesn't need to fully match Audi quality to satisfy someone like myself. I realize there is a signficant price-point difference and I just want something more professional and modern-looking with improved materials.

Items I hope they change:
  • Center Stack: Get rid of the gimmicky, robot-looking radio/head-unit and give us a double-din-type unit with a nice LCD screen and Nav/back-up cam capability. They can do this cheaply. They don't need a head-unit that is specifically designed for the Camaro. That doesn't make sense for reducing costs. Go with a standard double-din unit. Should save cost, look better and give people the options they want.
  • Climate control: Get rid of the playstation controls (that looked cool on the concept but didn't translate well in plastic) and give option for automatic/electronic climate control. What car these days doesn't have that option?
  • Tacky-looking loop door handles. Most cars have a nice, small, L-Shaped handle. No need for a big, chrome loop. Or go push-button like the 'Vette.
  • Guages: Shape of speedo/tach is nice and unique. But look of the gauges should be more professional and modern looking with better quality trim.
  • Air-conditioning outlets: The center one looks very unfinished, the way it sits behind the dash plastic.
  • Steering Wheel - Not a major priority for me but prefer something better looking

Address most of these areas and I'll be purchasing in 2012...
I couldn't have said it better myself!
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