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I love what you have done for the car and for the past, present and future soldier.

There are to many people today that do not understand the sacrafice that is asked of a military person each day they serve for their country.

If it wasn't for guys like you, me, and anyone else that has served in our armed forces, we'd be in a different state of living right now. We would not have the freedoms we take advantage of right now. Its to bad there are to many closed minded people that don't understand what we have done.

I salute every single past and present military person here today. You all have nothing but respect from me.

Kelly, Just shake off those A-holes, and come to us if you ever need to talk. If need be you are more than welcome to PM me for my phone number and we'll BS abit...If you're ever near Ft. Huachuca you have a place to stay any time.
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