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Originally Posted by SonnyakaPig View Post
To answer your question that I put in bold, boost increases with RPM. The higher the RPM, the more boost. That's why if you drive your supercharged car around and do not press too hard on the gas pedal, you will not use very much boost, and you will not force very much air into your engine (relative to what the supercharger's capabilities are) and you will not drop your MPG very much. Again, that's relative from car to car.

Remember, your L99 will not make as much power as the LS3's.

Hope this helps a little bit.
Very well covered. One thing not mentioned is the fact that it all comes down to the "air pump"! How much air the engine in its configuration can physically pump through. It is the main restriction in the equation and determines final HP output. Exhaust done to an extreme will play its part (FULL 3 inch w/ longtubes) but again will be limited by the engine/internals.

That is whey they make "blower cams" and "heads". To enable the engine to "breathe" better....

The internal pressure of the E-Force is rising cuz it is hitting the restriction(s) in the system (engine, exhaust). It is still being spun hard and building pressure against that restriction...
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