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I have no problems with my interior or dash in my 2SS. I think it's great actually. Out of the 40 or so cars I have owned, some have been GM - a '97 WS.6 M6 and the rest Japanese and Euro. I have been continually disappointed in GM interiors over the years and wished they would adopt some quality. After renting a few GM cars in the last few years and being pretty much blown away by the exterior design of the Camaro, I took it for a test drive. I just kept saying "wow" and drove home with it a few hours later.

Some people have mentioned that the dash is hard plastic and has a "hollow sound" when you tap on it. Yep, that may be true, but I bet most people that complain don't own a new Camaro and WANT ONE. I personally have never spent much time tapping on my dash, and I think it looks GREAT. I have also heard that the car is heavy, needs "different" suspension (from a BMW driver who had not yet even SEEN a new Camaro), it has really tiny rear quarter windows, and oh yeah - only fat people own them or something.

None of these comments really bother me, because I get to drive this freaking awesome car every day, and my commute is a wicked fun road. I have 4000 miles of first-hand experience of how great this car is in every way, and I really respect my opinion. The interior on my '10 2SS is perfect, wouldn't change a thing. Which is great, since it's my car.

Here's a HUGE CHEERS to GM for building such a great car. I hope I never need to sell it. It hits all my muscle car desires right on the mark and has really calmed down my desire for a '69 Z/28 since this car is so accessible in ways that the classic Camaro would not be. I am seriously excited to have this car in my life, in case that did not come across.
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