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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
mmmmmm......not quite that simple.

There is much blame to go around:

>no level playing field with the european union and Japan and Korea --

>additional government regulations...(WHY is it that we keep legislating more and more safety features - yet there is NO National Driver Education program in this country - there are a few states where you can actually get a driver's license by taking a written test -- and you don't actually have to get behind the wheel!)

>several emission standards rather than one National one

>Apathy by the American Public

>Glacial pace of change in the past

>Unwillingness of SOME locals to change.

............there are many more, but I'm afraid I'll bring down the server if I keep listing them.......

I know the Unions are upset with those of us in Salaried Positions - but what I don't think they realize is that we are expected to work anytime needed -- with nothing like overtime -- we are 'exempt' -- we make the same money if we work 40 hours a week (I don't remember ever working 'only' 40 hours a week...) or 90 hours a week.......most of us are not 'bonus' level -- and those that are have no bonuses anymore.....we pay for the privilege of a company car.....we have sizable co-pays on our insurance (I pay over $200 a month for my heart medications) .....further, as we downsize, we take on the responsibilities of other people -- (i.e. at one time there was an an Exhibit Manager and an assistant Exhibit Manager for every Division - and Chevy had two -- one for cars, one for trucks........I'm now doing Chevy/Cad/Hummer/Saab -- and no assistants......and you know, if that's what I need to do to keep us competitive, so be it.....)

I, for one, believe (and this is my opinion...) that we SHOULD pay good wages to our laborers - because, you see, the money they make goes back into the economy.

Someone on another site said: " F*** 'em! make 'em give back 30% of their wages..........


Now - think about that.

Let's take Lordstown/Warren/Youngstown Ohio - what do you suppose would happen if we take that percentage away from our workers?

Massive foreclosures.
Local economy takes a hit
Vacation industry gets slapped

................see, it isn't quite that easy.

What IS problematic is that the big three have, as I recall, north of 2 million retirees -- whereas Toyota has less than 600 -- THAT'S competitive..........

There is no easy answer.

In closing...think about this:

>We won world war II by outproducing the enemy.

>The Wall Street Journal and other business periodicals credit GM with saving the economy after 9/11 --

........and yet so many Americans hate the big three.............and this, my friends, is Shameful.
Well said. However just because you don't support the bailout doesn't mean you hate the big three. It just means you have a different ideology or think you have a better way to fix the situation. The government is going to help the retiree's and health benefits of GM while a bailout will probably happen if GM is still in trouble once Obama comes into office. However what price or what freedoms will we be giving up as American's because of the conditions that such a large bailout would require that is written by Democrats. More standards that make it even harder for larger more powerful engines to meet without penalties that the buyer has to incur in the form of taxes. How long will the bailout last before another is needed? The answer lies somewhere in between where both parties would like to take this situation. One thing is for certain, a lot of prayer and hard work is what is going to keep GM alive and running after the Government helps pay for benefits and salaries that no longer can be met at the current production level. And I will keep praying and as a loyal GM customer with 2 GM vehicles and one on the order I will continue to do my part..
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