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Originally Posted by KILLER74Z28 View Post

Found this info on They have more pics of all the SEMA Camaros.

Chevy Camaro Dale Earnhardt Jr. Concept

Dale Earnhardt Jr. fell asleep one afternoon on his couch and had a dream about the new Chevy Camaro SS. When he woke up, he grabbed a napkin and sketched his own version of the Camaro complete with 21-inch rims, a custom Earnhardt-special paint job, and ground effects. He faxed it over to Ed Welburn, GM design chief, and Ed said, ďI donít know how Earnhardt faxes a napkin, but letís build this SOB!Ē

Even if you're not a NASCAR-edition type, it's easy to envision this thing flying off the shelf in North Carolina. We also like how this particular vehicle has been calibrated to run on Iowa-corn sourced E85, very patriotic.
The only thing I like about this car is that the front grill is painted in cyber grey, same as the top portion. Since I am ordering in cyber grey, this grill in the same color would look cool, however I'm afraid if it is plain black, then it would only look good on a black SS order..

So Dale did the whole sketch of how he wanted it on a napkin?? No wonder he can't afford the car once its completed
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