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Originally Posted by zebra View Post
i don't think it matters. i don't really see knight rider lasting much longer than worst enemy
What's really sad is that I find the original Knight Rider to be less cheesey

So after watching the pilot episode of Knight Rider, the new tv show. My first impressions watching the first five minutes was how inappropriate for young children the show was. Threesomes?? Lesbian one-night-stands?? Wow, times have changed. After the show, many people came to these very message boards and stated, if Knight Rider gets re-done as a series, it will not be watched by all of the various posters (myself included.) Apparently, the studios thought we were bluffing. Knight Rider is going the way of Bionic Woman and My Own worst Enemy. Maybe now the studios will learn that we do not all want some form Gossip Girls or Dawson's Creek mixed with Melrose Place style sex. If I want to see threesomes, drunken sex attempts in bathroom stalls, stripping down to your underwear because the car is on fire literally and all KITT can do to put it out is try and drive fast and not find a body of water to jump into..very lame... or interracial lesbian one night stands with Sydney Poitier's daughter...

So after six episodes, they are deciding to re-work the show for the next half of the Knight Rider season as it has gotten really horrible ratings (last place in all segments)... I can't figure out what demographic they are trying to hit at with the show. Obviously they already pooped on all of the original Knight Rider fans who have all stopped watching the show altogether like me, however since the show has these raunchy sexual moments (lesbianism, sex with two woman at the same time, stripping down to underwear...etc)with lots of skin showing, it rules out letting kids under 16 from watching it unless you are parents that are very liberal (the shows producers obviously are these types). And the whole premise of the original Knight Rider was one man can make a difference...the original knight rider as, cheesy as it sometimes was, is brilliant in comparison and felt 100% more real. The original Knight Rider show was very edgy and cutting edge at the time. I even like the way the original car looked better as it was more sleek. The transforming looks fake and I have yet to see a turbo boost on the show occur. Furthermore the relationships in the show are so childish it is unbelievably bad writing creating the dialogue.. The show has no mystery, no feeling of danger, and most of the time, the crime fighting is occuring in the day time. (the original show was almost 70% filmed at night) Val Kilmer is doing as good a job as he can as the voice of KITT, however the guy they chose to be Michael Knight has to be the worst actor I have ever seen on any show and I don't believe they can swap him out mid season..

What the show needs to do is kill off every character on the show that has no reason for being there.. The two kids that spend their entire time spying on Michael and his girlfriend in the car need to go... FLAG needs to be reverted back to what it used to be.. And bring back the old Pontiac voiced by Daniels for a cameo one on one with the new KITT for at least one episode.. That would give new life to the show..
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