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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Very sad to hear this about the vert...

I know it will have its'll just take time.

Now...I don't think I'll ever buy a foreign car again. Obviously, there is just too much at stake. It seems we keep pouring our money OUT of the country rather than trying to keep it IN....and in sooooo many more ways than by just buying an american made vehicle.

I WANT to help GM. I WANT to see GM succeed. Shoot...I want the BIG THREE to succeed. I'm going to do my part by buying the 2SS/RS in less than half a year. Just keep my baby coming GM and I'll gladly take her home.

Meanwhile....I'll keep spreading the word. I now have 2 Sergeants and another patrol officer interested....along w/ the others and the list is growing.

Spread the word, folks. If you know anyone looking to buy a car, HELP THEM HELP US. We need to be self sufficient!!! This is only ONE part of being self sufficient. Help your friend buy a new car from one of the big 3...and preferably from GM!!!
Exaclty. I have already convinced 3 classmates that the new camaro is the car to have. Also working on some teachers. Id been talking about the SS i am going to get for a while. but when i told them they could have their camaro for 23K, their eyes bulged.
Both of the cars ive driven are foreign. There wont be another.

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