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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
There are an incredible amount of people saying along the lines of "...GM hasn't changed, they won't change -- and it's only a matter of time."

People -- I am here in the flesh to tell you that GM HAS CHANGED.......there IS a plan to get thru this -- the amount of change in the past 4 years is staggering.........but understand that change is tough -- it's costly, and it's risky (among other things...) and I hate to say this one more time - but the playing field is not level.
Scott, those of us who follow things closely know that GM has changed, but unfortunately the vast majority of people who have sworn GM off don't.

That's why I really belive, and really hope, your PR department comes up with a serious campaign to go directly at those who have such ire for GM.

I don't know if you read my post from another thread, but basically GM should have some real advertising going after people who still think GM is garbage. I think GM needs a massive add campaign. Not showing a Cobalt zipping around advertising a $199.00/month lease, but a serious, direct, and point blank campaign.

Something like this: No music, no flashy graphics, just Bob Lutz walking toward the camera with a red 1959 Eldorado and a red 2009 CTS-V on both sides of him. Have him point out that in the time those two cars had been produced, GM had lost their way in design and quality, but have gotten it back in a big way. I think you would open alot of people's ears who currently drive Toyotas if he said "over the past 30 years, GM has made product choices which have hurt you, our customer, and our beloved country. If you owned a GM product 10+ years ago, we sincerely appologize if it might not have given you the satisfaction you expected. We've also talked better quality in the past but didn't quite deliver. Well, those days are over at GM. That is the past, and while we understand your frustration with our past products, you are depriving yourself from a fantastic, rewarding driving and ownership experience by not visiting a GM dealership. Today, our engineering and design is second to none, with attention to details, reliability, and overall product quality surpasing what is offered from our competitors, foreign or domestic. We have the most sophisticated and highest quality assembly lines in the industry, and our engineers are the most brilliant we've had since (as he points back to the Eldorado) this classic was produced. We invite you to take a serious look at GM products. See what you've been missing."

As the picture fades, bring up the blue square and underneat it all GM division symbols. A voiceover (I hear James Earl Jones in my head) says "General Motors. Now, more than ever, America's mark of excellence"

Poinient, humble, and direct.

Get Lutz to get personal with America. Lee Iacocca did in the 80's with Chrysler and his personal appeals in comercials and it helped get them out of the red. He became a household name and Chryslers started flying out of dealers.

I'm not a commercial writer, but I think something along those lines would go a long way in getting Toyota owners back into GM dealerships
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