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2010, 2LT RS Transformer
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I plan on keeping this one as long as it will get me from point A to point B without me having to cross my fingers.

The only other daily driver car I ever owned was my 98 Camaro that I traded in to get this one. The only reason I traded it in was because it wouldn't pass the Illinois emissions test that it was scheduled for. It wasn't economically smart to pay to fix it up, since it was turning into a money pit, so instead I bought a new one. I also really wanted the Transformer version, and I knew time was running out, since only 3 were left on the market within a 400 mile radius of my house.

However, I do miss the T-tops, now that it is nice outside. At least I have a sunroof so I don't feel like I'm in a cage. I also miss feeling so low to the ground. The new one feels a little higher.

However, it is awesome to be driving around in Bumblebee as a high school teacher. My students are in awe. They say they like it even more then the 70 Challenger that I drive to school in every once in awhile. (obviously not the daily driver)
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