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I agree with everyone else...not that simple...but...solving the union problem would put GM on track to being profitable. People think GM is dead already but they still sell more cars than those perfect lil Toyota guys do. Plus people still think of GM as they were in the 90's...if it doesn't have a v-8 then its pretty much junk and ugly interiors.....but if you have been near any of their new products there amazing!

Three Things GM MUST DO:
1) re-work /scrap/weaken union deals to make them competitive with Toyotas non-union workers. I am sorry, GM's union worker do no better than Toyotas union guys.

2) Cut un-profitable dealers that just fight each other. When you can stand on the roof of a chevy dealer and see another one, then there is a few to many of them around.

3) Cut Hummer...or move it into the Chevy dealership kind of the way Scion is in a Toyota dealership. Hummer can be a ninch brand but having their own dealership, not even close.
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