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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
mmmmmm......not quite that simple.

There is much blame to go around:

>no level playing field with the european union and Japan and Korea --

>additional government regulations...(WHY is it that we keep legislating more and more safety features - yet there is NO National Driver Education program in this country - there are a few states where you can actually get a driver's license by taking a written test -- and you don't actually have to get behind the wheel!)

>several emission standards rather than one National one

>Apathy by the American Public

>Glacial pace of change in the past

>Unwillingness of SOME locals to change.

............there are many more, but I'm afraid I'll bring down the server if I keep listing them.......

I know the Unions are upset with those of us in Salaried Positions - but what I don't think they realize is that we are expected to work anytime needed -- with nothing like overtime -- we are 'exempt' -- we make the same money if we work 40 hours a week (I don't remember ever working 'only' 40 hours a week...) or 90 hours a week.......most of us are not 'bonus' level -- and those that are have no bonuses anymore.....we pay for the privilege of a company car.....we have sizable co-pays on our insurance (I pay over $200 a month for my heart medications) .....further, as we downsize, we take on the responsibilities of other people -- (i.e. at one time there was an an Exhibit Manager and an assistant Exhibit Manager for every Division - and Chevy had two -- one for cars, one for trucks........I'm now doing Chevy/Cad/Hummer/Saab -- and no assistants......and you know, if that's what I need to do to keep us competitive, so be it.....)

I, for one, believe (and this is my opinion...) that we SHOULD pay good wages to our laborers - because, you see, the money they make goes back into the economy.

Someone on another site said: " F*** 'em! make 'em give back 30% of their wages..........


Now - think about that.

Let's take Lordstown/Warren/Youngstown Ohio - what do you suppose would happen if we take that percentage away from our workers?

Massive foreclosures.
Local economy takes a hit
Vacation industry gets slapped

................see, it isn't quite that easy.

What IS problematic is that the big three have, as I recall, north of 2 million retirees -- whereas Toyota has less than 600 -- THAT'S competitive..........

There is no easy answer.

In closing...think about this:

>We won world war II by outproducing the enemy.

>The Wall Street Journal and other business periodicals credit GM with saving the economy after 9/11 --

........and yet so many Americans hate the big three.............and this, my friends, is Shameful.
I can confirm that what Scott is saying in regards to the Youngstown, Ohio area-having grown up there (Boardman). If Lordstown Assembly were to close the entire area would be devestated! And this is not the only area of the country that has a Big 3 Plant that sustains it--they are scattered across the US (not just MI).

Also, that plant has already replaceed about 1500 UAW workers that are now hired in as "second-tier" and are paid about $14/hour and have a benefit package that is much different from past benefit packages--and they help pay for it! I left the area about five years ago, but have immediate family still there--and none of them are part of the UAW, so that is not why I am defending--I am only informing.

GM has made a lot of positive changes that are leading them to profitability, but they hit a perfect storm in the economy that is really hurting them now.

So, no matter where you live in the US/Ontario and whatever profession you are in you will all be negatively impacted if the Detroit 3 are allowed to fail--the tax base, costs of social programs, etc. will hurt everyone. I can assure you that no one is immune!
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