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Ambient Light Dash install, newer 2ss no factory plugs - Lessons learned

Since I just got done helping a fellow camaro member with his 2SS doing the dash, I thought I would share some observations.

1. On the drivers side, under the kick panel, follow the wires that go into the door, locate the purple wire (there were two here, and I tapped the wrong one) It would work for ambient light, but wouldn't adjust. The proper wire was in the back of the mess of wires.

2. On the passenger side the first purple wire I found was the correct one.

3. Both sides I merely connected the negative to the ground, there are some suitable bolts under the side panels that worked great.

4. CONFIRMED, TOYOTA Paint 1B2, Antique Sage Pearl, is a near exact match for the interior trim that is "SILVER" from the factory. We messed up some sanding and this worked perfectly. I happened to have some around because that is the color of my Camry.

More sanding was needed, and it was hard to tell how will it worked during the day, but he is going to sand it a bit more and do some adjusting.

Hope these observations help anyone doing the ambient light install. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the wires I tapped. You know it is the right circuit when you can dim the dash, and the ambient light will go off completely.
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