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Rich De Young
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I have been on this site and searching many other sites for the next best thing for the V6. Looking at a tune, programmer, etc etc...Not alot of hope with a 20hp gain "yet"...

Once you do headers, cats, cold air intake, exhaust, there are not alot of other options. Not alot of people are ready to take a chance with a turbo or supercharger yet. (6000-8000.00 bucks)

How about Throttle Body's or Porting the Intake manifold ?? Too bad FAST doesn't offer a nice bolt on intake manifold. Could you get an extra 15-20 rwhp with a throttle body and ported intake manifold or custom intake manifold ?

I honestly think, alot of people would be in line to buy one if someone could show a dyno and the before and after.

Whats the next big thing for the V6 ? Like the BBK headers are the "best bang for the buck".. Whats the next best "bang for the buck" ?

CAM ? Custom Intake manifold & throttle body ?
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