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well what is think dealers are cocky/greedy to expect preorders before having a reliable product. The only insurance buyers have is hoping for a refund if they don not produce, but the fact companies need to the money to even make the complete the product, where would money come from to even doa refund. I think that one company will be smart enough to do shit before GM does its TWIN TURBO for v6's, making a profit while other companies say

"Well if we knew there were so many people we would have do it."

In which case they will try to jump on the band wagon with excuses such as

"We were not sure people would buy it,"


"We wanted to make sure it was good enough"

But by then they shot themselves in the leg about how much profit they would have actually made if they acted logically in the first place. I mean, they spend the energy to go on sites.....except those are not really companies, but some one being paid, to check buy interest, or messing around. The funny thing is...I think after finding out that GM is making a TT for v6, one of these companies are going to comeback quickly and say they will produce something, hopefully having it out on the market before GM, but if GM is within months of making a turbo for us, with a nationwide warranty, and not voiding our warranty....why would we go to the independent market?
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