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Originally Posted by 2SSARMY View Post
Turbo is the way to go.
A turbo system is much more complicated. It has to be plumbed into the engine's oil pan for lubrication and depending on the turbo mfg'er, into the engine's coolant system for cooling. There is a lot more plumbing for the required air-to-air IC. Your under hood heat is gonna be higher as you now have a large metal scroll being super heated by exhaust gases.
And unless you get the scroll size matched perfectly to the engine's capabilities you are gonna have lag (too big) or just not make the numbers you want (too small). And it really is irrelevant as the bottom end of our engine's is not gonna like more than 8-10psi, so I would rather have the instant hit from the SC.

The maggie is 100% self contained. It really is a very nice package.
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