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New Pontiac Firebird???

2009 Firebird


Firebird enthusiasts around the world have been aching for a new Firebird ever since the discontinuation of the Camaro/Firebird twins in 2002. Hopes rise, then fall with each different piece of news. Agonizingly, Camaro fans got their wishes granted with the concrete announcement of the Camaro, eliminating the rumors and speculation surrounding that car. We've heard "Firebird's coming" and "No, there will be no Firebird". The latest news item the Firebird support team points to as evidence of a revival is the registration of the Firebird trademark. Wheather or not that holds merit is not the point. Unlike some others, we happen to believe that there is a business case to be made for the Firebird, if it shares high cost components with it's Camaro sibling. A new Firebird could bring excitement and passion to the Pontiac brand, a real "want" car that was affordable and available. Much like the mission set forth on the current Solstice. That car is accomplishing the goal of the GTO, yet, in small numbers. Pontiac needs a higher volume "want" car. Our Firebird is differentiated from the Camaro well, yet shares the greenhouse, engines and other important components. Something we felt was needed is a different interior, differentiated in the example set by the Solstice/Sky siblings. So here, we present our vision of a future Firebird, melding and blending cues from previous generations and presenting it in a new, way. Completely feasible, and easily doable, we present, the Firebird!

Specs Sheet:

Base Vehicle: Chevy Camaro
Engines, Greenhouse, Platform, Components
Engines: 3900 (3.9) V6 w/242 hp, 5300 5.3L V8 w/303 hp
Note: Various Other Options and Engine Packages
Transmissions: 5 speed manual, 6 speed Automatic
Attached Images
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