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FS: Pedders XA adj.coilovers, bushings, swaybars, alignment kit.


All new in box...

160086 Camaro Ext Xa Adjust Coilover $1,574.99
EP1200 Camaro Rear Sub Frame Insert $255.88
EP1167 Zeta Differential Mounts $111.61
EP6577 Camaro Front Radius Rod Bush $204.55
PDUSACAMFULL Camaro Full Alignment Kit $287.36
CAMAROSOLUTIONB 27mm F & R bars & 4 links $599.99

ship ~$100.00
total $3134.36

Will Sell for $2300.00 shipped.

Bought for a build that's been put on hold , no need in it sitting around. All pieces are still in their original un-opened boxes and bags.

If you have a Pedders shop install, they'll probably transfer full warranty.
Closest comparison to their kits is the track II

(I'm on the road now, need to verify all part numbers are correct when I get home wednesday.) Just double-checked, all part numbers are correct.
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