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Hi, I am new to the forums, but I have been reading here alot ever sense i got my new 2SS Camaro 4 days ago. I was looking to put a SC in it but happened to stumble across this discussion and I am glad i did because of the information/geniuses that are taking the time to hash this out.

I only have one question and it might have gotten answered already but....which one is more reliable? As in installing it and 2 years down the line it frying/going out?

I read up about how placment for a Turbo is key for not frying it or the engine/parts.

I am asking becuase iam leaning more towards getting a Turbo kit now after reading this thred. I had a SC on my first car (v6 grand prix dayton 500 edition) and the only problem I ever had after about 6 years was the SC pullying snapping. That and a new belt costed me maybe around 250$. I always keep 93 running in my cars and after the dealer gas runs out I will be putting 93 on my camaro as well and probley doing the fuse pull trick mentioned on here.

This forums is very informtional and I love every min I am in here reading it, learning more about the car. Thanks.
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