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thank you thank you

Originally Posted by sparaz View Post
Damn racer I didn't know you had souped up your ride that much haha. I was looking at doing the rear vents too, but since you're in my local area I won't dare do it before getting your permission now. Because I'm not going to bite your style unless you're ok with it.
Originally Posted by sparaz View Post
Oh wait a minute, did you move to texas?
Originally Posted by sparaz View Post
Went down to HRA right after I got your good graces and we talked about how over the top you went on your ride. Also talked about your TPIR adventure. Got a quote on my own design for rear and they suggested I do front for the streamlined look as well. They are pretty awesome folks and are going to do some other works and my wheel customs for me as well. I have an Eibach kit at big brand thats been waiting for two weeks for me to get on as well (I ordered that before I saw your ride, so no foul on that one).

Its funny because you did exactly to your car as what I wanted, though I could not afford those rims (Exact same ones I WANTED but couldnt afford). Your car is the version I wanted but mine is the slightly toned down version of yours. Will keep you updated as I get stuff done since your also in the CGM club Your car probably just blows people away!
thanks for the compliments. The guys at Hot Rod Alley do phenomenal work and will customize your car to your taste. Keep me posted on what your going to do
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