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Understand your frustration. I ordered, in Ottawa Ontario, Tues. May 18, a 2011 2LT. Was told by my dealer they placed their last orders for 2010 models first week of May (not your dealer cutoff date mid April)! Was told my order was their first 2011 preorder & my order was suppose to be processed to factory by end of week, May 21. Emailed my sales person Monday evening June 07, requesting dealer order # and current tracking code. Now Wed. June 08, early evening called dealer, asked for sales rep., no one knows where he is. At this point, 3 weeks after I ordered, do not even know if my order is in the pipline.
My additional frustration, I turned over the title of my daily driver trade-in on May 18, so I am now only driving my summer car, 1998 Buick Riviera. Dealer told me May 18, I could expect delivery end of June, 1st week of Aug. Purpose of trading/buying now was so I could drive to the states for my vacation 1st week of Sept. My purpose was I did not want to (will not) drive my low mileage Riviera to the states this year. If I don't get delivery of my Camaro by no later than 3rd week of Aug., I must cancel all vacation plans this year which also affects two friends in two states, as we vacation together. Based on suggested delivery date no later than early August, our vacation hotels, etc. have already been reserved for 1st week of Sept.
Do not know why GM Canada charges Canadian dealers so much more money, passed onto the buyer, then GM US charges their dealers. Do not understand why tracking production of a Camaro bought in Canada is so much more difficult than in the US. The darn car is made in Canada and I can drive to the factory in 4-1/2 hours!
Sorry for the rant. Just that this USA expat is not very happy with the way GM Canada deals with Canadian buyers for an auto made in Canada.
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