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Originally Posted by Moriartii View Post
Guns are cool but remember when the zombies come you dont have to reload a machete!!!!!! <evil grin>.

Very nice looking toys there!!!!!
The machete is always last resort, dropping zombies at range is always preferred as it lessens your chance of infection and keeps your choice of escape routes broad

Anyway, I currently have Marlin M60, pretty close to the one below but it has a squirrel engraved on the handle (in case you forget what it's made for I guess heheh) and I put a 2x7 scope on it.

But right now my pride and joy is an M94 Swedish Mauser It's definitely not in collectors quality, but it shoots beautifully and that's all I care about right now I'd love to get an M1 and M14 added to the collection at some point.
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