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Originally Posted by racer778 View Post
PS: Miss the SoCal Family
You are missed too brother! Congrat's on the COTW! That car has come a long way in a very short time, especially considering everything else you've had going on with the move and all.

Love the pic's with the SR-71. Very cool!

If you are going to put on CF GFX make sure you seal them so they don't "yellow" on you. You can always go with a more triditional GFX material and go crazy on the paint job. Obviously, I like the look of the GFX kits on this car. I think it gives it a more agressive look, not that you need help there though.

HRA did a hell of a job on the fenders! That really sets your car off.

As for the emblems, you don't have to put anything on that beast. You have changed enough with filling the bumper, the fenders and rims to off-set the RS aspect of the car, and lets be real, an SS it is not. That thing is something more, and I have the dyno sheet to prove it.

Great job Joe!
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