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Originally Posted by PFYC View Post
While the urethane version is planned, it has not yet been scheduled. There are other projects (including a V6 version) in the pipeline ahead of it. As far as matching, once installed and painted, it all matches up fine as you see in the photos. I doubt anyone could tell what parts are urethane vs what parts are fiberglass after installation.
It's not so much the after install looks. I just find it funny to have one piece fiber and the rest Urethane. Fiber cracks easier and yellows faster from what I understand. So I just want the most durable. You will probably have it avail. by the time I can order anyway. Thanks for the answer.

Originally Posted by PFYC View Post
First off, thanks for answering some of the earlier questions. Maybe we should hire you.
No problem were all here to help each other. BTW I am looking for work...

Originally Posted by PFYC View Post
There are two things to consider with the exhaust tips; length and outlet diameter. The outlets of the tips are 4.5" inches in diameter, the length of the tips is about 9" or so. On an SS, you'll need to extend the tips out about 3"-4" or so (depending on how far out you want them to extend beyond the fascia). On our car, we have them about 1/2" out from flush with the rear fascia. The tips on an SS are 4" diameter so they fill the opening ok and SS owners can get away with using their factory tips and simply having them extended from the mufflers by about 3"-4". On the V6 models, the tips are a lot smaller in diameter and would not look right in the larger opening so V6 owners really need to replace the tips with something with a larger outlet diameter to fill the opening nicely.
I will have to see if my MBRP Exhaust will extend that far. It certainly has a big enough diameter. is the 3" and the tips are at least 4 1/2" in diameter I will have to measure to make sure before I order if an when I can.

The front fascia still has vents right with a mesh behind them?

Thanks for all the answers. I think this kit would look awesome on my ABM.
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