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Originally Posted by Ultra View Post
Does anyone out there know the true scoop on the 2011 pricing and options. I have shown my dealer all the information on but he swears up and down that he has talked to GM and they tell him they have not released any of this informtion except for the base price for the 2LT and 2SS. He is especially emphasizing that the Hurst short thow shifter is not available right now and doesn't know if it will be. Can anyone throw some light on the situation? Thanks!
There is a section in GM Global Connect (a dealer access site) that CONTAINS pricing on GM Cars & trucks. Now "Joe Average" salesman may not have access to the pricing portion of this site, but SOMEONE at the dealership does.

The Hurst shifter is on constraint as well as the spare tire:

2011 Camaro 19-Jul-10 356 &KAE Trans Shifter Sport (HURST) 0% L GREATER Than 4 Weeks Pending Engineering Validation 6-May-10

2011 Camaro 19-Jul-10 373 &N65 Compact Spare Tire 25% L GREATER Than 4 Weeks Supplier Restriction 6-May-10
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