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Originally Posted by Hopeful View Post
Just a little note after C5Fest.

I arrived on Friday, participated in the caravan and then headed for the track.

Best time on Friday was 14.0. Best MPG's down was 25.5. I was bummed about the ET. I did have to fill-up with that god-awful 10% ethanol somewhere in SC (I was almost empty and didn't have time to look for the good stuff)

After leaving the track Friday night I went to the Chevron(?) station by the exit for the track on I-75.

First run on Saturday produced a time of 13.9. Still not happy, I went to the vendor area. I came across Craig at CincySpeed and promptly purchased the CAI (great people to work with).

I took the car for a 10 mile run and then came back and hammered it at the autocross. After letting it rest for an hour, back to the track.

I was lucky and was able to hot lap the car. My best run was 13.68 @ 105.44, a pick up of .21 from stock. Combination of good gas, and learning how to launch the car may have help. I did have over 3/4 of a tank compared to 1/8th on Friday. I still think that it will go quicker given lower air temps. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to my local track and test that theory.

I did see 26.4 MPG's on the way home, so overall, I will say that I'm satisfied with their product. And oh the car does sound better.


Great story! Similar result for me. C5Fest had me running 6-7 1/4's at 13.6/109mph. Installed the C.A.I. intake and next run (with 2 minutes warm up after change) was 13.2/111mph!! Love these things, though mine isnt a RotoFab (bet I have a bigger issue with water spots and fingerprints than you!!).
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