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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
OK. First and foremost here is the reason why this Camaro was bought:
This is a pic of my son with Camaro Concept #1 at the start of the 2006 Hot Rod Power Tour in Orlando. Note the date. Back then I told him that they would probably never make this car so if they did I promised we would get it...and then the Transformers movie came out. There was no chance of turning back then.
Famous last words. Oh, and with a look like that on your son, you had NO chance of reneging. lmao

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
So, we placed the order for a new 1SS/RS Camaro and received an 1100 Event Code on October 13, 2009. This car was purchased with the knowledge that it was going to be used as a dual purpose street and race vehicle so a 1SS/RS was chosen. Black because it was going to be themed around stealth - let's just say there is a familiarity with what makes a B-2 tick.

Once the Event Code hit the 3000 series, the new engine was ordered.
Note the date on the invoice. I figured it would be smart and have the motor ready for the car when it would be delivered in April...

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
My cousin had just moved down the month before and he is a car nut, so on Thursday, June 25th we went and picked up the SST Camaro from Jerry Hamm Chevrolet in Jacksonville, FL.

Here are a couple of pics from the maiden voyage home. I only pushed it to triple digits once. Had to make sure the computer recorded the proper driving habits.
Wish I woulda.............. lol

Oh, and great color choice.

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
During the time the SST was in QC hold, Tom (Nelson) and I had bounced a bunch of ideas back and forth so the decision was made to not go with at Twin Turbo 376 based on the LS3 block, but to upgrade for a max effort bottom end "just in case"

At this time we grabbed a few blocks (a couple of friends wanted LSX blocks so we got 3). All of the goodies were done to the block - align bored, trued, decked, cylinders bored out and the block o-ringed for stainless steel wire. We decided on an optimal high boost capacity bore/stroke relationship and then ordered a top-of-the-line Callies crank, Oliver billet rods and special JE Blower pistons with oversize tool steel pins.

Sorry the pictures are crappy. They were taken last year on the cell phone.
Wow. I'm thinking you will be having fun at C5F 2
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