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Originally Posted by blakeequalshyphy View Post
So I went to the LA Autoshow VIP tonight and it was nothing really special (for the Camaro). Two show car Camaros (Can't sit in them or anything. They were blocked off). Camaro Black and a silver Camaro SS (non RS). Of course I took pictures, but I didn't really find the need to post them, since we've seen these cars a million times, but the ONLY thing I didn't understand was the whole ambient lighting thing because we really have never seen it, suprisingly. So I asked the person in charge to show me. The Camaro Black did not have ambient lighting but the silver SS did. It had the inferno orange trim package on it and when he turned on the lights, I faintly saw what exactly the ambient lighting was. It was bright in the convention center so it was hard to see, which bummed me out. I pretty much EXACTLY like the Camaro Ignition video on YouTube here:
. I took a video of it and I will post it soon, but if anyone goes tomorrow get a better video of it (my camera phone wasn't the best quality). Overall I was very impressed that the ambient lighting is what it was projected to be. I can't imagine, I saw it when lights were everywhere..I can't imagine it at night

I'll just post one picture (cause it was taken by my friend)
I AM GOING TO BREAK HIS ARM................... (for turning on the lights...)

The Ambient lighting on the Silver car does not work like it should...and there's a reason for that.

The car was built LAST DECEMBER --

We are putting the finishing touches on Ambient Lighting - and when it's ready, we can hardly wait to show it to you because it's a really cool thing......

But I certainly don't want you to see it 'half-done' - which is what happened last night.

**pushing buttons on phone**

** contacting Drivers of Black suburbans in L.A. Basin.....**
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