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I had this vibration issue on a set of new tires for a different car a few years back. After Discount Tire performed a special balancing (match mounting?) of the tire they finally decided to replace the tires.

After that the car road fine.

But good luck getting your tires replaced on a new car.


Sometime wheels will still shake and vibrate even after they have been balanced. The problem is often excessive wheel runout or tire runout. Most tires should have less than .030 to .050 inch of runout. An out-of-round tire can produce harmonic vibrations that come and go at various speeds depending on how many "humps" are in the tire.

As a rule, most steel rims should have less than .050 inch of runout, or .040 inch of runout if the rims are aluminum alloy. Some trucks and SUVs can tolerate up to .060 inch of radial and lateral runout, but others can't handle any more than .030 inch of runout before vibrations become noticeable.

Runout problems can often be corrected by "match mounting" the tire on the wheel (rotating the tire so the tire high spot is over the rim low spot). "
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