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Originally Posted by kachyok View Post
Thank you all for your feedback, I will take your suggestion and put back on my stock spoiler.
It is so hard to sell this car even for a $12,000 because I had invested so much money, time and love into it. I had promised myself to never invest money or anything into a car, you only loose.

No offense, but the 2nd spoiler isn't horrible, although I really don't like it, but why would you leave the original on? No car needs two spoilers. Your best best is probably going to be to part it out - sell the wheels, stereo, spoiler, dvd seperate, and sell just the stock camaro with 40K miles on it. The problem is 90% of customizing that you did to the car is only worth something if the person buys it has the same tastes as you. Neon lights might be great, but for someone who doens't want them they're abosluetly worthless, so you won't get anything on the investment.

Def. a nice car - try to make it as stock as possible (if you still have the original wheels, stereo, tailights etc). and sell them seperately. You should be able to get at least $7-8K for that car once it's stock, and hopefully $1-2K for the parts you removed.
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