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I can't help it!

Did you tell em about the [edited] and the [edited] yet?

... And my favorite was the [edited] with the [edited] in it

I'll shut up now
Ha, ha... j/k

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
OK, I gotta go to an event GTA would know about in Tampa tomorrow so I will get this post out tonight.

After we started in to the cage project I got this retarded idea to see what it would take to mini-tub the rear of the SST since this was done on Project Freebird and came out really well. So...we looked it over and decided to try it. Red Zone did a super job. My only complaint was it took a L...O...N...G time, but I guess that's what happens when you have to figure it out from scratch. At the same time we found that in order to make a mini-tub job feasible, the frame had to be notched and sectioned (especially where the front inside of a larger tire would rub) in order to fit 345 rubber and then slicks later.

First Pic is the mini-tub job where we had to make the least impact to the back seat since one major requirement I had was that the interior must look as stock as possible including keeping the backseat for the kids to ride in. (They like holding on to the rear cross bar - and yes SFI 45.1 padding will be added when they ride their so they can't knock their teeth out like Chicklets...)

The second pic is the view from the trunk area. Note the beading of the inner mini-tub to keep it from resonating. Nice touch.

The third pic is from within the wheelwell from the tire's viewpoint - the seam has since been sealed with fireproof caulk and painted. Also, take note of the upper coil over mount. On the new setup, there is a new upper mount which is not the 5" diameter of the factory beehive setup, but a 2.5" small diameter setup with a uniform diameter spring. This will allow the ability to change the SST spring rate easily with readily available racing spring sets. It also keeps the upper spring mount inboard of the outer frame edge. [This is a pic of the factory spring still.]

The fourth pic is the fully fit mini-tub as well as the sectioned and notched frame. A change since this pic is that the brake line mount had to be moved inboard.
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