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Originally Posted by CynAgain View Post
Will post more soon. Have to take a quick trip to CA. Sorry. :(

Originally Posted by GQ4Life View Post
wow where u get rims to fit 345.. got to be custom..
NICE ride
Yes. Forgeline SP3P 18 x 12.5 with maximum backspace. Will post pics a little later in the build thread.

Originally Posted by PQ View Post

That's a lot of work. I can't believe you'll still get a functional backseat in there. Amazing.

Can't wait for the end result. It's gonna be really cool watching this.

Bruce, thanks for sharing this.
Glad you like it. Hope it helps members with some cool ideas of their own. P.S. You won't believe how the back seat came out - really incredible work. Will post later in the thread.

Originally Posted by GQ4Life View Post
if someone sits in backseat i hope they wear a helmet
My kids will !!

Originally Posted by showstopper View Post
Good work. Nice and clean.
Thank You. Some of the fabricators are real artists.

Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
That fab work is amazing!
Credit Nick at Red Zone for some very nice work.

Originally Posted by rico-2SS View Post
cool thread speedster
Thanks Rick. It's getting closer now.

Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post

Best thread in the universe of the whole wide world X infinity X eleventybillion

Thanks GTA and I'll raise your eleventybillion by 1...
Spoke with your S.D. "Liquid" partners today. Just a little fact finding...

Added a couple more interior pics here.

First Pic - Fabricated dash panel(s) to work with rollcage downtubes.
Second Pic - Detail of fit and finish for front downtube and interior integration.
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