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Unhappy Bummer - No Real Camaro At SF Auto Show

Went to the San Francisco Auto Show today with wife in hopes they might have brought a car to see. But alas, no real car, just the orange convertible concept car.

However all was not lost. I got to see the basic shape and if the proportions on the vert are close to the real car, the lines are terrific and everyone who has seen the real deal says it looks better in person. I would have to agree. I wish the orange on the proto was the real color for production as I would have ordered it instead of VR. Didn't find anyone that knew much about the real deal and I have seen pics and know more about the car than the Chevy folks at the show. Too bad for Chevy to not have had a little more support for a car that is scheduled to appear in only a few months.

I then went to see the Challenger. I have already seen and parked next to one on the street. Getting to see both cars in orange back to back was terrific. I'm probably biased but there is no comparison in the style and shape of the two cars. The Challenger really looks like a box and seems/looks huge compared to the Camaro. The new Mustang looks ok. I like the front better and the hood line but the back end I would have to see again. Not sure it is better than the current car. It was on a turn table so I couldn't see the interior.

So now the wait. My only concern is that the dealer I have the deposit with will close and I loose my deposit. Nancy really wants to throw money at the Big 3 so I guess GM will last long enough to get a few Camaros out. I hope mine is one of them.
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