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Had my baby (2SS) a week and a half - experiences

I'm sure this has been done before but here are my experiences as a 1.5 week owner of a new '10 2SS .
(grab a drink this is going to be a long one )

Well like the title says I've had my RJT, 2SS/RS, M6, sunroof for a week and a half now and I figure I'd give my overall impressions.

First of all I am just starting to become not terrified of her . This car is my first brand new car and my first dealer car so there's all that but this is also my first muscle car and first manual in about 4 years.

So I guess with all that said I am completely new to this car .

My first impressions are that this car for lack of a better word takes off in first much different than any other car I have driven. You have to give her more gas than I am used to especially on hills (everywhere I go involves a hill* correction - mountain) so.... getting used to driving a manual 2SS takes a little getting used to especially if the radio is too loud as the engine is pretty quiet and you can't hear the engine too well or feel it's revving due to the smoothness of the cars ride. After a weeks worth of driving I have pretty much gotten used to her . This would happen much quicker if I didn't live on a mountain .

Moving on, after getting 1st gear down you'll soon encounter the ever annoying CAGS or Computer Aided Gear Selection. If this thing saved me $ on my car then it better be worth it because this thing is a pain in the ass. I cannot wait to install a "skip shift eliminator" this CAGS or skip shift is annoying as hell and I'd say comes on 3 out of 5 take off's and when it does come on and try's to force you into 4th 4th gear is usually way to high of a gear to go into thus causing the engine to lug therefore going against what your manual says . You can "bypass" this by either buying the skip shift eliminator (no promotion as I don't have it yet but this is where I'll be getting mine) or by simply letting the RPM's come down and then shifting into 2nd or third. In the end my suggestion is just to buy the skip shift eliminator, for me it was good to see what the CAGS deal was all about as I have never had a car with it but I am well over the inquiry stage by now .

Moving on... we've covered getting the car rolling and the whole CAGS deal... I guess I'll move onto transmission noise. I personally can hear this car's gear changing much more than any standard I have ever driven. When you put the car in 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. you can actually hear the transmission engaging the gear, very cool if you ask me (please tell me if that is unnatural .)

Next the stereo, the stereo sounds great I absolutely love it until yesterday that is, not sure what happened but when I first turn the stereo on using a USB flash drive (haven't tested different inputs yet) it is pretty staticy. This goes away and sounds completely clear after about 15 secs. I'm not sure what's going on here but it only seems to happen if the car has sat for say 10hrs or so. If it get's worse I'll consult my local dealer.

Umm... Sunroof. I'm Sooo glad I got this now that I've had it for a bit. I live in upstate NY so it rains or snows 335 days a year but when it doesn't having the sunroof open makes the interior of my RJT Camaro with black leather interior so much brighter, plus it matches the non painted XM/OnStar shark fin. I am 6"0 and as I like to call it I'm a "large American" so I have about 2" of head clearance give or take a full wallet and baseball cap. With this being said I fully endorse the sunroof but before you order your car with one go and sit in 2 or 3 Camaro's with sunroofs and make sure you fit, this is the only true way to tell unless you are 5'5" or shorter (big ups to my shorter brothers ).

Heated mirrors; It's been rather moist out a couple times that I have my baby out and I have absolutely no idea of how to turn the heated mirrors on to get the fog off of them. I am sure it is in the manual somewhere I just haven't read it yet. This is not a down point on the car at all I just don't recall seeing a clearly labeled button for "heat the mirrors". Heat the seats however is clearly labeled and works great . I crashed at a rest stop on my way back to NY from CamaroScotty in WI and turned the heated seats on long enough to warm me up, I then took the towels I had brought with me to keep the GM splash guards protected and used them as blankets .

Splash guards, I know I know I don't like the looks of them either but I do however like the looks of my paint. If you have the funding get your baby clear bra'd (is bra'd a word?). I still need to give NY $3K plus for taxes (haven't gotten WI title yet ) so a nice see through bra for my baby is (that sounds wrong) is not in my immediate future. The GM splash guards however seem to be working great, I do have a couple small paint chips but that's par for the course, you take a 800 mile road trip these things are going to happen. Long story short I'd suggest getting them, you might look at them on occasion and grumble but 90% of non 5thgen Camaro fanatics will have no idea that they are not stock.

Well I talked about my 800 (802) mile trip so I'll mention the seat comfort. I'll say it as I said it to CamaroScotty, "these seats are like LA-Z-Boy recliners". Granted I was as excited as a... Camaro owner but after 14hrs of nonstop (only gas) driving and I felt as comfortable as if I had just sat down in a recliner after working outside all day. Amazing seats! .

So I've covered 1st gear, CAGS, transmission noise, stereo, sunroof, heated mirrors, and seats among other things. What haven't I blabbered on about? The car's power I guess.

I test drove a CGM 1LT with black interior and sunroof which I officially names Maggy (CGM color reminded me of a Magnum) Vin # 2G1FB1EV7A9112227 back in October of '09. I instantly fell in love with her but alas our love would never flourish as she belonged to Avis (you'll always be my first Maggy ). Anyways while I had her I fully respected her 99% of the time I drove her, you've got to step on her at least once . With that being said now that I have driven a SS compared to a LS/LT... my God, I see no reason for me to ever own the Z/28 . The LS/LT had enough power for me for sure but the SS has more power than I think I'm even able to control, lol. This thing is insane! In a good way of course, if you know and respect the cars abilities .

Well I think this concludes my experiences with the car itself so far, I never got into how amazing the car looks, drives, turns, stops, rides, or how it gives me goosebumps when I look out across the parking lot at her when the streetlights shine off of her beautiful RJT hood . But if you are thinking about this car than you are half way there, not half way to owning a 5thgen Camaro but half way to being obsessed with one. I have had my baby home for 9 days now and I have put over 200 miles on her, as soon as you get one I have got to say good luck getting out, she will completely take over your life . Ever sit down and think about miniscule things that you might need? Well if you get a Camaro you will, "Hmm I wonder how much dental floss I have, I better go downtown and pick up some". Did I need more dental floss? No. But did I take my baby out for a spin to get some? You bet I did.

All in all this car is all I expected it to be and more. So much more that I could ramble on for another hour or so but I won't because most won't make it this far through my drabble and if you are a steadfast soul who has I don't want to drive you insane, lol.

This car is amazing, GM, Oshawa workers, CamaroScotty...

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you! .

Ohh, pictures . (and no more until she gets a proper Adam's bath)

RJT, 2SS/RS, M6, Black Int, Sunroof.

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