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Hey, sorry about the delay in posts. Last week I was pretty much all over the place BUT... I was in California for a whopping 24 hours and got to sit in the SST at the shop and see the top-of-the-line craftsmanship and fabrication that has been done. Incredible quality. If you didn't know any better you'd think it came that way from the factory. I know this post is a little out of order, but then you can compare the raw cage work with the finished product.

Utilized companies that were recommended for each of the main areas:
Chromoly Rollcage, Mini-Tubs, Frame Sectioning - Red Zone Fabrication (Nick)
Aircraft Quality Wiring Harness - Nelson Supercars (Dave)
Carpet, Seats, Dashpad, Deckpad, Headliner, Sail Panels - The Upholstery Zone (Ramon)
All other "interior" fabrication - Nelson Supercars (Tom & Crew)

In the first two pics the non-factory modifications are: 8.50 cert rollcage, front dash integrated with rollcage, air conditioning vents re-routed, seat bases moved inboard while retaining lateral seat alignment, custom made carpeting and mats (replacing that oh so old factory carpet with a whopping 669 miles on it). Also a cool little mod for the racers is that both the line loc and transbrake are controlled at the steering wheel.

In this pic, the rear tray was completely modified for the cage as well as have special grilles and boxes made that along with the firewall added in Post 28 make it 100% fireproof.

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