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Nickey Chicago to offer Phase III 700HP version of 2010 Camaro SS!!!

As featured on homepage.

Exciting News Camaro Fans: Nickey Chicago in St. Charles, IL will be offering a 5th gen Camaro in Stage I, II or III options. If you know anyone who went to Chevy Vettefest or will be going, pick up the Official Program. You can read about each Phase. The article is on the back of the cover page aka page 1 of the program. Most of you guys are familiar with the old school Baldwin/Motion 1st gen and early 2nd gen Camaro's it will be something similar to that effect with a modern twist. The Stage III Nickey version will have a custom racing roll cage and a car that puts out 700 Horsepower.

For the younger guys on the site: Nickey, Fred Gibb, Dick Harrell were all legends in Illinois and the Midwest. Baldwin Motion & Don Yenko were legends out East. These guys built some of the fastest Camaro's made from 1967 - 1973. Nickey Chicago is trying to bring the magic back with their Stage I, II and III offerings.

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