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Pretty much what everyone said. Nowadays it's more about what you like to look at.

Here is what I ussually go for
M6 car ,pretty much stock -2300
M6 car,cammed,bolt-ons,hard driver -D1
A6 car,stock ect -2300
A6 car,stalled - D1

For DD cars for sane drivers I prefer the D1 because it just seams easier to drive normal.That and the gas mileage goes up pretty good.

Also,not the biggest fan of getting 8lbs of boost at 2k rpm.Seems like alot of stress on the crank/rod bearings and pistons. Alot of cars live a long healthy life but I've seen a good amount of failures throughout the years from aggressive drivers.

Now,for me. I plan on getting a A6 Camaro and pushing the 2300 at a minimum of 12lbs on the stock motor to see how it works.Want to goe mid to low 10's on a stock motor.
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