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Originally Posted by Grandeos View Post
Im glad I did not wait for this feature. I was expecting a much larger display. That tiny little graphic IMHO is not worth it. Is it really that much harder to glance down at the Driver Information screen between the gauges??
With all due respect..a large display? Would that not defeat the whole entire purpose. I agree it is def not a "need", but something cool to have. No one said it was hard to look down...I don't see a purpose in the HUD excluding MPH, nor would I drive this car off the road into a blaze of flames without it. You are arguing you want a larger display (which I can only assume meaning more information) but you also don't see need for it? Did you just mean the text should be larger? This cell phone pic does not do justice to the size. While it is not "large", the size is fine when you see it in person.

I don't really understand why people find cost as an issue. The cost of the vehicle increased only 350 dollars, and in all likelihood we would have seen an increase eventually regardless. I can't remember the last time a vehicle did not increase slightly in cost from one production year to the next production year...and that was with no additions. This HUD is not much different from the vettes...and we won't see some futuristic, pilot HUD before the vette does.

The day you see a Gran Turismo mega HUD across your windshield is the day you no longer control the vehicle...
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