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Originally Posted by ripcard View Post
Appreciate the hard work done on this folks...but there must be a cheaper way for us Canucks to get these. Ordered 2 shirts for $27 and my only shipping option is "Priority 6-10 Days 25.95 USD". Not very economical. Won't pay that much, sorry.

Maybe they will be available at the Buyers & Builders event and I can get them there?
We looked at several options to ship to Canada.'s expensive to ship there! She's checking some stuff now, but I don't know if it's going to help. Maybe a few of ya'll can get together for an order and save $$? Maybe you guys have someone stateside that can place an order and ya'll can pick them up while down there?

We won't be at the Buyers and Builders event. Sorry. As time goes on, we will build inventory and take them to meets n' greets (and of course, the Fest). We want you to get your shirts...we'll try to work something out.
Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
very cool. I had to laugh at the wrist bands though. Flash back 80's camaros ,wrist bands, mullets, and fuzzy dice. When's the leg warmers and spandex camaro5 apparel coming out.

Mrs. Tag and I can not claim responsibility for the wristbands...
Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Ah crap! I didn't put my username in the box! (as it is cleary written to make sure you do so)

Sent an email to the store site with the info, hope that will suffice
Originally Posted by shawn18 View Post
I didnt either.....DOH

Actually, there's a very important reason we have to have ya'lls usernames.
Originally Posted by SScattergunSS View Post
A couple of questions...

Will the T-shirs also be offered in Long sizes so they tuck in better?

Will it be possible to actually mail in a money order for an order?

I believe Mrs. Tag will answer on the payment portion.

As far as longs, I can look into it (as I want Long/Tall shirts too). I think they might be a buck more, but I'm not sure.
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