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Originally Posted by Pumpkin1LT View Post
Doug..keep us posted on the window decals..I'm gonna want one of those! Are y'all processing these through SA? If so, let me know if you need any help...I have some free child labor...j/k of course! But I would be willing to help out.

Yep. Window decals. I know it. I have been trying to get these things figured out for a few weeks now. But, they should be wrapping up soon. I will let ya'll know as soon as we get them. We will have them here at the house too, so ...these can be brought to Fridays!

Hey...I'm at Fridays every Friday. So, as the shirts/hats/etc get shipped to us, I can pass them all out to folks at Fridays and save shipping. That's not a problem at all. I really don't mind. Dana will work it out with ya'll on the paypal end...just add notes to hold onto the shirts in the comments box for delivery to Fridays and we'll get them taken care of for you.

As far as help goes, i think the initial ordering will be a bit hectic, but it will eventually (hopefully not) level out. We are going to have a few working on it here, so we should be good. I'll keep ya in mind if we need help, though. THANKS!!!
Originally Posted by CynAgain View Post
Heya, Cyn! Thanks for the cool pic!
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