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Originally Posted by heavyt100 View Post
Saw an ABM Chevrolet Colorado in the flesh for the first time this weekend, and all I can say is it's awfully bright aqua - deeply saturated.

Like IOM, it's a color you ought to try and see in person before you commit.

Not saying it's good, bad or indifferent, just ... bright.
I think it may be at least possible that the shade changes with the car it's on, but I don't really know. I saw a Tahoe in what had to be ABM (or whatever its Tahoe equivalent is) the other day and it was almost a bright navy blue. I liked it quite a bit. I say it almost had to be ABM because it had a clear green flash to it in the sunlight. Definitely have to see this on the Camaro in person before I can decide what I want...

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