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Sorry Pete, I havent been on in a while due to trying to get through Surgery and Finals and Graduation and a Funeral. No my problem is not resolved, I have been working with the GM Executive Offices for a couple of months now with no resolution. I am now having problems with the Passenger seat lever (On the back of the seat) sticking, already had that in for service (2 days in the shop got it back yesterday) still wasnt fixed and I am still wanting for the dealership to call me back even though I called 5 minutes after I left, taking it back today they are going to replace the entire seat. The Service Airbag alert keeps coming up and they are telling me that the computer is not showing where this is happening even though it has happened several times. It started on my trip home to KY for my fathers Funeral and I have had in the shop twice for that I have been informed that when that warning comes up that my airbag will not deploy for my protection to keep it from deploying when it is not supposed to, BUT it will not deploy if the light is on and I am in an accident. My onstar is a total disaster (couldnt download the directions to the car several times on the previous mention trip to KY) Was also telling me to take turns where there were not roads, or they were dead ends. Then on top of that Liano in GM Executive Offices keeps telling me there is no fix for my USB issue and there isnt going to be one until probably mid july. Now my A/C is not working as well as it was, it seems very weak. When I drove to KY I froze my butt off, now it is not working like that (yes I use the recirculation button and everything turned up full blast)

So needless to say I am beginning to regret my purchase. My husband still wants to keep the car but I am getting to the point where I just want my money back. There is no reason to be having this many problems with my brand new car. I am ridiculously tired of not receiving call backs when I leave messages for Liano (perfect example, left two messages last Wed & Thurs as of yesterday I still had not received a call back and at that point I called back and asked to speak to Liano's supervisor/manager and was informed that the GM Executive Office Staff is as high as I can go and that I needed to speak with Liano. Another Message left, I waited a couple of hours and called back again and once again had to be insistent and very firm they finally tracked him down and he took the call. He informed me that he didn't get the messages. That is CRAP because I left the messages on HIS voicemail myself.

I am really just tired of the games.
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