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Arrow [COTW 5/9/11:] STS Turbo Installed

Aloha Everyone, I was hesitant to post anything due to all the heat given to AACS. However it still seems to be a hot topic so as suggested by Alltrbo, I wanted to share my experience. First some quick items to note. I am a Camaro guy and currently have 3 Camaro's, 1971 Restoration Project, 2000 Z28 B4C and recently picked up a 2010 1LS Camaro. This is my first V-6 Camaro and I have never had a forced induction car. Unfortunately we do not have a drag strip on OAHU so I will not be able to obtain any times for everyone, however I will get the car dyno'd in a couple of weeks and will be happy to share that information.

So, my story goes that I wanted to get a new Camaro but had decided to wait for the Z28 model. However, since it looked like the earliest would be 2012, I couldn't wait, watching all the 2010's cruising around. So my thought was to buy a V-6 and have some fun and then when the Z28 's come out let my daughter have the V-6 as a daily driver. I bought a the base 1LS but it did come with the 21 inch wheels package (which are for sale, by the way). I was at a local cruise night and met someone with a Z06 with the STS Twin Turbo set-up. I was very impressed and decided to call STS Turbo. I was told that the kit was ready to go by the end of May/early June so I said sign me up. At this point, I had no idea of the Tuning issues with the V-6. On May 11, I put down a $2,000 down payment to secure my order. First week of June comes by and I'm told that the kit is ready but they are out of the Turbo's, unless I want the upgraded Ball Bearing unit, which I opted for. This was a frustrating week as I could not get straight answers on a ship date. After many calls and e-mails, I hear from Rick (owner) that kit will ship out on June 8 but intercoolers were on backorder. I received the kit June 14 (less intercooler) and seemed to have everything but the TUNE. By the way, the kit was very impressive. I called with a couple of tech questions and to inquire about the Tune. After many more calls/e-mails, I finally received the Tune on June 23. Yes, IT IS A TRIFECTA Tune. I spend the first weekend installing in my garage and everything fit pretty good. I was busy during the week but was able to load the Tune into the car on Thursday, June 24 (at least to start the car) but was not able to take it for a test drive until today, June 26. So far, the car runs great. I will still have to data log and send to Trifecta for fine tuning but so far car runs great and seems to boost up to about 6 psi. I forgot to take pictures before the test drive so here are some photos (after the car has been put back together) to show that I really did have the kit installed.

I also wanted to note the quality of the kit is excellent. The customer service at STS is not. With that said, they do deliver on what they promise. Keep in mind that they are selling kits for many makes and models and I believe they have been shipping much more SS Twin Turbo kits than the V-6 Single Turbo kits. I can tell you that the kits are very similar (except for the Tune) as they use many of the SS instructions for the V-6 kit. Also, since the other kits are selling, I would assume thats where the resources are going. I believe most of their single turbo kits sell for the same price of $5,995 (including tune) so they will send kits to those that send them money. And I do have an M6.

I hope to have some Dyno numbers for everyone in a couple of weeks. Hope this helps.

Some recent pictures:

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