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Originally Posted by Ladyz28 View Post
Just figured I would give a heads up to fellow MA owners. I was at a local gas station and was showing someone the lights I installed in the grill. Out of nowhere this State Trooper comes up and reams me for the lights. Runs my info and tells me what he can do.........Did I mention he was off duty in his own vehicle. Anyways long story short, I didn't end up getting a fine , but was informed that any lights no matter the color are illegal in MA. I was under the impression that white was fine. I have a white and colored strip installed. So I got home and did some research and they are in fact illegal. According to the MA RMV website, any lights on a vehicle have to be SAE or DOT approved.
The cop must be new. I have never heard of laws written for station parking lots. Now it may be illegal while on the road (if on) but I'd bet they are not while on private property.

Then again maybe if you own a sidearm in MA they can arrest you for murder.
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