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As time went by the SST power capability kept going up. So just like all of you crazy Camaro 5 members - you just can't leave these Camaros alone !! The original intent was to run a TT LS3. OK, so the bottom end was swapped to a Pro Mod LSX level but that was for the future... Originally I wanted this car to look 100% stock, idle stock, get 25 mpg and pump out 1000 hp, but at this stage it was decided to kick it up a notch. So you have now seen that heads were changed and upgraded for considerably higher flow capacity. Something about a motor making so much power should not idle like it's electric, so the decision was made to chuck the hydraulic roller LS7 cam and run a solid roller with a NASCAR valvetrain. So the heads are now topped with nascar springs and a full T&D shaft roller rocker setup. This setup has proven to be bulletproof and should last for 100,000 miles with no problem. I guess we'll see. Here is a shot of what it looks like on the SST engine.
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