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Now that the decision was made to push the engine output a little higher, we went on the prowl for fuel system upgrades and alternative. Originally we would have gone with one of the dual pump systems that a few of the Camaro 5 vendors have but as with the engine itself, as it morphed, its fuel needs did too.

This fuel system is a true dual fuel system we call "Octane On Demand". Basically, the SST engine is outfitted with 16 injectors. It is two completely separate 8 injector systems controlled by a very sophisticated engine computer. We will determine the exact injector sizing during the dyno testing but they will more than likely be 83 lbs/hr or 65 lbs/hr or a mix of the two.

How it works:

1. When the engine is in low load mode (i.e. unboosted/high vacuum mode) it will utilize the primary fuel pump which normally runs 93 octane pump gas and the engine computer tells the electronic fuel pump controller to reduce pump voltage to slow the fuel flow and keep it from unnecessary fuel heating while simultaneously unloading the pump.

2. When the engine is in medium load mode (i.e. low vacuum/low boost) the engine computer tells the electronic pump controller to kick the primary pump to full voltage.

3. When the engine is in high load mode/high boost the engine computer commands both primary and secondary pump to full output. The secondary pump is actually a higher capacity pump than the primary. The secondary pump also pumps strictly C-16 race fuel.

The driver does not feel any of this occur. This is completely automatic and 100% streetable. It also allows for some pretty spirited driving on standing miles, road courses or open highway races (i.e. Silver State Classic in Nevada) without touching the car.

[Note: For max effort drag race runs, the primary fuel cell can also be filled with C-23 race fuel and a full boost map can be quickly loaded into the engine computer.]

Here are the pics of the Octane On Demand system:
First Pic - Spare Tire/Stock Battery Location - Great low and rear location for fuel cells
Second Pic - Here are the fuel cells built to fit directly into spare tire well
Third Pic - Pic of dual fabricated fuel cells - primary 18 gallons, secondary 16 gallons
Fourth Pic - Note the baffled pickup area and that the pickup is actually a replaceable 100 micron fuel filter.
Fifth Pic - Primary fuel pump - Aeromotive A1000
Sixth Pic - Secondary fuel pump - Aeromotive A11104 Eliminator
Seventh Pic - The fuel cells installed
Eight Pic - Completed fuel cell install
Ninth Pic - Fabricated fuel fill lines and vent line for each cell
Tenth Pic - A nice touch. Top nozzle - 93 octane pump gas, Bottom nozzle - C-16 Race Fuel. The request was if possible it would be a very clean installation if they could fit both fill nozzles behind the factory gas lid. They did get it to fit. Again, impeccable workmanship - keeps it stock looking.
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