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Much more power over stock. Keep in mind my car has just hit 800 miles so I haven't really drove the car hard much (max was about 110). I usually run it through 3rd then have to back off (crowded roads). I will say the second gear pull was fun. Especially when you hear the Turbo spooling and the psi top out at 7. I never had a Turbo so was not familiar with the whine and blow off valve. Must say the sound is very different from my LS1.

My intercooler is scheduled to arrive on Thursday and I noticed I have a exhaust leak where I cut the old mufflers off and attached the STS pipe. Will get that all fixed and try to get more pictures and a video next weekend.

What do you guys want to see in a vid? Mostly the sound from the outside or from the inside of the car? Let me know what would help.

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