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Originally Posted by Eric Baker View Post
But normally(at least the way it used to be) it's only like a $25 or $50 ticket if they want to be a dink, but $350 or something extra if they're blue or red. If they're a cool cop, they'll usually only give you a warning or fix-it ticket. I believe if you're in a parking lot and not driving, they can't do anything because they're not being used on road.
He told me he could write me a $500 ticket, take them out of my car and seize them.

It was in the paper, I think the Enterprise a while ago.....Easton gave a $300 ticket and siezed blue/red lights. Now he had them on while driving. I only intended to use mine for show not while driving. I have a white led bar and a blue/red. I removed the blue/red that day but intend on re-installing them. I will definitely be more aware when showing them.
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