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Originally Posted by wylde1 View Post
go to you can download every episode that has existed in all 15 seasons in the full 1 hour unedited fantasticness.

Usually about 2 hours after it airs in the UK, it's up on that site so you can watch them they day the come out as well. I bought an external hard drive and went to town on the downloading haha I have 80 Gb of JUST Top Gear on it haha, all 14 seasons and the new one from last night.

The Reliant Robin film actually made me laugh out loud. When he skidded it by the news reporter in the background on it's roof I just lost it haha. It was staged, but still hilarious.

I think he'll like the camaro actually, because it's cheap compared to other things in it's performance range. They tend to like bang for the buck. And they LOVED the Vauxhall VXR8, which was basically a Holden Monaro, and that was basically a Pontiac G8. This is just a more sporty version of that. It'll start off with all the things he hates about it, interior, blind spots etc etc, but he'll do a 180 surprise in the middle and end up loving it.
OOO!!! Thanks!!!

Originally Posted by khabboub View Post
top gear is my favorite tv show, but i dont think jeremy will like the camaro, take a look
I remembered that and am cringing...
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